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Kelly Allison Photography


We are Kelly Allison Photography, a small collective of photographers based in Dallas. We travel the world shooting genuine and original photos of amazing people. We’ve been called “some of the best wedding photographers in the country” and our work has been featured around the world and locally. Our photography is focused on intimacy and emotion with dynamic lighting and thoughtful composition.

Our team is made up of five friends that joined forces behind that same vision: creating genuine and original work for our couples. We’ve shot together, traveled together, laughed and cried together (though not all at the same time). We view ourselves as a true team whose strengths can help fortify our weaknesses. We each meet with our own couples and shoot our own weddings. We’ll never book a wedding and throw a random photographer at you. We value the relationship with our clients and with each other. Together that results in a very caring and fun family of people that we call the Kelly Allison Photography.